LGBTQI+ Support




There are many resources available online for parents of LGBTQI+ young people. Some good places to start are:


Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays -

UK-wide voluntary organisation with more than 40 telephone helplines and parents' groups which hold regular meetings across the UK. FFLAG is dedicated to supporting parents and carers and their gay, lesbian and bisexual young people.


Mermaids -

Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care.



At IHS, we have made a commitment to ensuring our school is a prejudice free environment. One of the ways we are working towards this is by completing the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter programme.


LGBT Youth Scotland describe the programme as an opportunity to “send a positive message, with confidence, that your school is a champion of LGBTQ+ inclusion where LGBTQ+ staff and learners will be safe, supported and included. The LGBT Charter makes a clear statement that equality and diversity are at the heart of your school.” (2021)


More information on the Charter programme can be found here -


Pride Club for your child

IHS Pride Club meet every Tuesday lunchtime (location can vary), we also have our own Teams page (code 8say8im).


Not sure who to talk to?

Understanding sexuality and gender identity can be very complex and difficult. There is no rush to identify yourself or ‘come out’ to anyone, this can be a very intimidating experience for people.


If you are struggling with any feelings or thoughts you may be having, there is always someone you can talk to. If you do not feel ready to talk to family or friends, you may want to reach out to your guidance teacher/pupil support or another member of staff you feel comfortable with.


There are also plenty of helpful resources online if you want to learn more or just hear about other people’s experiences. LGBT Youth Scotland has information on youth groups across Scotland as well as online support and advice -


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