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The young person's guarantee is a commitment to scotland's young people

Every young person aged between 16 and 24 in Scotland will have the opportunity, based on their own personal circumstances and ambitions, of going to university or college, an apprenticeship programme, training, fair employment including work experience, or participating in a formal volunteering programme. 

The Guarantee will ensure that young people have access to and understanding of the opportunities that can best support them, delivered by a network of support in schools, colleges, universities, employability programmes, third sector support, apprenticeships or training programmes. 

No One Left Behind 

No One Left Behind is our approach to changing employment support in Scotland to deliver a system that is more tailored and responsive to the needs of people of all ages who want help and support on their journey towards and into work. 

Through No One Left Behind, people can gain skills, confidence and access support to help achieve their employment goals. This support may include help to prepare for employment, training, education, and volunteering and to support career progression. 

Support is flexible, tailored and person-centred; and also connected with other key services including health, justice, housing provision and advice services ensuring people can get the right support at the right time. 

People who choose to participate will: 

  • receive support  
  • work with the Employability Coordinator and DYW Team on an individual plan to help them reach their goals 

sds careers service in schools

SDS offer support for pupils, parents and teachers from Primary 5 through to S6. 


We all want our young people to be effective lifelong career planners who can make informed and confident decisions about their future. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) support pupils, parents/carers and teachers with a comprehensive range of career information advice and guidance (CIAG) services. 


SDS professionally qualified careers staff provide face-to-face guidance in school. There are also digital channels including My World of Work and available online for alternative support. 


Our SDS Team can be contacted at any time for advice and support with applications: 


SDS Advisor 

Carrie Stewart  

Michael Leckie 


07768 151312 




Skills Development Scotland School Service Offer an interactive version of the diagram with more information

developing the young workforce

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is a Government programme that aims to better prepare young people for the world of work and reduce youth unemployment by 40%. As a school, we are committed to working with a wide range of partners to: 


  • Raise attainment and achievement to improve positive destinations for your young people 

  • Bring the curriculum to life in your classroom to motivate and inspire all young people 

  • Engage young people by delivering diverse and personalised pathways and experiences 

  • Re-engage young people through contextualised learning experiences 

  • Save time and find it easier to develop local employer partnerships 

  • Feel confident in delivering the Curriculum for Excellence and Career Education Standard 3-18 

  • Achieve your development goals and increase your understanding of the labour market, skills in demand, pathways and jobs of the future 


In Inverkeithing High School, we work on DYW through a range of activities in classrooms, extracurricular clubs and in a variety of personalised learning programmes.  Below you will find further information on some of these activities and advice on how to support your young person, and us, to build their skills, confidence and awareness of progression pathways for life beyond school. 


In Inverkeithing High School, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is be an integral part of the Curriculum, influencing both what and how courses and Wider Achievement opportunities are delivered. As a result, young people will gain access and support from some or all of the following professionals: 

  • Class teachers 
  • PT Pupil Support teachers 
  • Senior Leadership Team/House Teams 
  • Skills Development Scotland (SDS
  • Community Learning and Development (CLD) 
  • Further/Higher education professionals 
  • Private and public sector employers 
  • Third sector representatives 


All pupils are entitled to a Broad General Education (BGE) until the end of S3 with options to personalise choices made by pupils in S2 and S3. One of the aims of DYW is to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop skills for life, learning and work through a range of programmes/activities embedded into the S1-3 BGE curriculum. 


During the Senior Phase, the aim of DYW is to guide schools on the provision of appropriate Curriculum offerings and Wider Achievement opportunities, all designed to prepare pupils for further study and the world of work. There will be continuing focus on Career Education, with opportunities for all pupils to reflect on strengths and development needs and next steps as described in the DYW Work Placements Standard. Support from school staff and partners will also be given to pupils as they make their career choices, write applications and face many types of selection processes as they progress from education into the workplace or further studies. 


Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) 

SCQF is Scotland’s national qualifications framework. The SCQF supports lifelong learning and can help: 

    • people of all ages and circumstances to access appropriate education and training over their lifetime, so as to fulfil their personal, social and economic potential, 
  • employers, learners and the general public to understand the full range of Scottish qualifications, how qualifications relate to each other and to other forms of learning, and how different types of qualification can contribute to improving the skills of the workforce. 

For more information visit the SCQF website. 



Fife schools can access various vocational courses through our link colleges. Visit the Colleges/Universities section to find out more. 


Community Learning & Development 

CLD staff may offer some programmes which focus largely on skills development to enhance the curriculum and allow for more individualised pathways for youngsters. CLD also offer programmes to aimed at those who are no longer in Secondary education and have not moved into Further/Higher Education.   


Career Ready 

Career Ready is a UK-wide charity which links employers with schools to open up the world of Work to young people. It involves pupils undertaking a 2 year programme during which time, pupils are supported by business mentors, attend Masterclasses exploring skills and qualities required in the world of Work and attend a 4-week long internship, during school holidays, between S5 and S6. 

More information can be found by visiting the Career Ready website or by speaking to school staff with the responsibility for managing the programme. 


Wider Achievement 

Depending on the school, opportunities to experience Wider Achievement opportunities may be accessed by pupils. A list of some of the current initiative being run in some Aberdeenshire schools is listed below: 


Developing the Young Workforce: Updates and Case studies


mrs horn dyw poster.pdf



Developing the Young Workforce updates

Stone Masonry Masterclasses at IHS

copy of copy of copy of copy of copy of inverkeithing case studies 1 2 .pdf

Community Trade Hubs at IHS

copy of copy of copy of copy of copy of copy of inverkeithing case studies 1 .pdf

 Developing the young workforce: working in partnership with  inverkeithing hs


If you'd like to work in partnership with Inverkeithing High School and support the school through attending Careers Events, class talks or offering work experience then please complete the form below and Mrs Horn will be in touch.

Scan QR Code:

supporting documents

Career Education Standard (3-18) 

This document contains the entitlements and expectations as well as examples of ‘I can’ statements to support practitioners in developing career education from 3-18. Read more. 


Work Placements Standard and benchmarking tool 

The standard sets out the expectations for young people, employers, parents, schools and local authorities in advance, during and after a placement. Resources are in development to support schools and local authorities achieve the ambitions of the standard with the self-evaluation exercise and work placements toolkit already available. 


School/Employer Partnership Guidance – for schools, employers and local authorities 

These three documents support the aim of creating meaningful and productive partnerships in all secondary schools, highlighting the benefits and suggest practical steps. Read more. 


Career Education Standard 3-18: Suite of learning resources 

This suite of resources is designed to support the expectations for teachers/practitioners set out on page 10 of the Career Education Standard (3-18). 


Career documents 


Useful websites for careers information

My World of Work                                                

My World of Work is your online career information and advice service and it’s packed full of activities and tools to help you confidently make the best decisions for you. 

There’s lots to do and explore and the more you tell the site about yourself, the more career ideas you’ll get just for you. 

Follow your ‘to do’ list which guides you through the site as you go through school 

Find out about yourself with About Me, Strengths and Skills 

Explore career suggestions matched to your personality 

Learn about routes into careers such as courses, training and apprenticeships 

Discover where your subject choices could take you 

Record and understand your skills and achievements 

Get help with CVs, applications and interviews 

Register today for an account or log-in. 

Keep using the site as you go through school. 

Discover and explore.

support for parent and carers

Everyone wants their child to have a happy and successful future. Research shows that as a parent or carer you have the biggest influence on your child’s career decisions. 

My Kid’s Career offers advice to help you give your child the support they need including: 

  • Jobs in demand – find out where the biggest job opportunities are in Scotland, now and in the future 
  • Routes and pathways – discover the different routes into those careers 
  • Career discussions – get hints and tips on speaking to your child about opportunities at the times that matter.
Apprenticeships No matter what stage you’re at, apprenticeships can help you get set for a bright future. is your one-stop shop for apprenticeships. You can find out how to build the experience and skills that employers want to see. And you can search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies across Scotland in a wide range of industries. 
  • Foundation Apprenticeships: kick start your career while you’re still at school 
  • Modern Apprenticeships: work, learn and earn and get the skills you need 
  • Graduate apprenticeships: get a job, get paid and get a degree at the same time 

Digital World
Digital World promotes the skills and training needed to work in Scotland’s tech sector. Through case studies, and online learning tools, the site inspires school pupils to become digital humans, people who are able to challenge convention and make a real difference in the world through technology and creativity. 

Find out more




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